The Team

Tracey and James (wife & husband) are the visionaries behind the look and feel of every Lucine + Co ring. Tracey has 8+ years of expertise in bridal styling, earning her place as Master Stylist for one of Vancouver BC's top hair and makeup companies. She brings an ultra feminine and timeless feel to every Lucine + Co ring, taking inspiration from naturally occuring shapes and patterns.

James is a 2D animator and storyboard artist, having worked on Netflix shows for renown clients such as Disney and DreamWorks. James loves to add elements of fantasy when designing rings, giving the pieces an otherworldly feel. Together, Tracey and James combine their distinct styles to create unprecedented pieces for the modern woman.

With Love,

What We Do

Traditional Design Sketch

Whether it be one of our original designs or a custom design, the importance of a traditional sketch is key for fleshing out ideas, and priming a design for the 3D modeling process.

3D Design & Rendering

Our team then builds up a 3D model to exact specifications. This includes a customer's ring size, all the setting details, and prototypal stones put in place to ensure proper fit during the stone setting process. In the case of custom design, a client may request revisions to perfect the desired outcome.

3D Printing & Casting

Designs are 3D printed to create prototypes made of a castable resin. A mold of the 3D printed prototype is made (with prototype kept in place), and eventually filled with molten gold which melts away the resin and fills in the mold's negative space. The end result once the gold has been set and cleaned out is a solid gold setting that requires trimming, smoothing, and detailed polishing before stones can be set.