Our Commitment

The 3 C's of how our brand is committed to creativity, community, and consciousness.

Creative Design

By artists, for artists. We make wearable works of art for women who aren't easily satisfied. Every piece tells the story of the one who'll wear it - through unparalleled design, and the use of more ethical gemstones. We are invested in the conscious, bespoke, made-to-order experience unlike that of the past.

Community Impact

Part of our proceeds go towards humanitarian efforts locally (Greater Vancouver) and nationwide (Canada). Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we have donated $2000 towards Children of the Street, and $1350 towards Deborah's Gate. In addition, we are supporters of the Ally Global Foundation through The Refuge - a community of monthly donors bringing healing and opportunity to survivors of human trafficking.

Conscious Choices

Our focus is on diamond alternatives such as moissanites and sapphires (lab grown), which is the ideal alternative to traditionally mined stones. As it stands today, there is no thorough way to ensure that a diamond is conflict-free, even with certifications. The fact is, there is no ability to track a gemstone from source to supplier, and no way of knowing that it was made ethically. Fortunately, we can know that a stone is conflict-free if it's lab-made. Lab stones are engineered in an environment that includes high heat and pressure over a period of time, which mimic the conditions beneath the earth.