Why Moissanite and Lab Diamond Engagement Rings?

Although mined diamonds have a long history of being the status quo, an increasing number of couples are looking for quality alternatives that better represent their lifestyle and values. When you choose our lab-created stones, you can feel confident knowing that they're extremely durable, extraodinarily beautiful, and unapologetically ethical.

Moissanite (composed of silicon carbide) scores an incredible 9.25 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making it one of the hardest stones available for jewelry. Moissanites can also vary in color, with colorless DEF grade being the best available in the market and in all Lucine & Co rings. A unique aspect of moissanite is it's high refractive index of 2.65-2.69, meaning it has even more fire and brillance diamonds.

Lab diamonds are created in a controlled environment using advanced technological processes that replicate the natural conditions under which diamonds form in the Earth. These diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as natural diamonds, making them indistinguishable from their mined counterparts to the naked eye and under professional examination. Rated a 10 on the Moh's scale of hardness, they are the most durable, while costing 20-40% less than mined diamonds. They offer an incredible icy sparkle that has been adored for generations.

We do the tedious work involved in sourcing the ideal lab created stones that uphold the 3EX standard (and beyond) for cut, color, and polish, so that you can have piece of mind that your jewelry stays brilliant for life.

We truly feel empowered to be part of a new generation of jewelry designers that offer ethical alternatives to better the standards that have been set before us.

Are Sapphires and Other Gemstones Suitable Alternatives?

Our belief is that in this day and age, any gemstone can be used in jewelry! However, some gemstones require extra care and attention than others due to how soft or brittle they can be. As a general rule, stones 9.0 and above on the Mohs scale of hardness are better for daily wear. These include sapphires (9.0), moissanites (9.25), lab-diamonds (10).

Why Use Mainly 14k Solid Gold?

Jewelry made with 14K gold is composed of a significant quantity of pure 24K gold (roughly 58.3%) mixed with metal alloy (remaining 41.7%) to give it increased strength and durability. The metals can include copper, palladium, nickel, silver, and zinc to create a desired end result in color and strength. Custom orders can be made, 18K gold and even platinum, but we feel 14K strikes the perfect balance of durability, affordability, visual appeal, maintenance ease, and lifelong comfort.

A lot of inexpensive jewelry is made with gold plating, where the underlying metal is solid brass or copper that oxidizes and tarnishs over time.

Our white gold is proudly non-plated. Rhodium plating is traditionally used to enhance the whiteness of the metal, and requires re-plating every couple years or so to maintain the appearance. We prefer to keep white golds natural warm tint, which is better for maintenance in the long-term.

*Our 14K white gold normally has nickel to aid in the brightness of the alloy, but can be replaced with palladium for those with nickel allergies*

Are Lab-Created Gemstones Real?

100% yes! Lab-created gemstones are REAL stones that have the exact same molecular structure as natural ones, but are made by chemists and bypass the mining process. We prefer to use lab stones whenever possible to help reduce our environmental impact, as well as to have consistent color and quality of certain stones each and every time.

Please do note that we do use some natural stones in some of our designs (such as sapphires, tourmalines, citrines, aquamarines, topazes) since some colors cannot be recreated in lab, and may have very subtle differences throughout every stone. We do what we can to offer as close to what is pictured, but the nature of natural stones make them one-of-a-kind.

How Do I Determine My Ring Size?

A sure way to determine ring size is through a local jeweler, preferably checking more than once as fingers can swell more during warmer weather. Do note that rings need to be snug yet pass over knuckles, and that finger size can be affected by weight loss or gain.

If resizing is needed, do keep in mind that some (not all) rings are easier to size down, but many of our rings may be sized both up and down 1 size with fairly low risk. Sizing up or down at maximum 2 sizes may be possible with some of our designs, but will require additional work and materials in the process. This often involves retipping/resetting stones within the design due to change of ring curvature, and removing/adding larger amounts of metal to accomodate.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us for further sizing advice so you can get the best fit possible! 

Do You Take Custom Orders?

Yes, we love helping couples bring their visions to life! Please read our custom design guide for step by step details on the process, and what is required to begin.

Do note that custom designs naturally require extra time to make, with an estimate of 6-8 weeks. All custom orders are final sale

When Will My Jewelry Ship?

All Lucine + Co jewelry is made to order. Production generally takes 3-4 weeks before shipping, and depends on each design's turnaround time as well as how busy we get. Custom designs require 4-6 weeks production time to accomodate any design revisions, or ordering of custom stones.

Do You Offer Rush Service?

Please contact us if you require a rush order, we'll see what we can do! Rushes are subject to additional fees.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Shipping Times

Canada - Canada Post Xpresspost: 1-2 business days to residences in most metropolitan area. Shipping insurance included.

US - Canada Post Xpresspost USA: As soon as 2-3 business days to many major urban centres in the USA. Shipping insurance included.

International - Canada Post Xpresspost International. As soon as 4-7 business days to over 70 countries. Rates available at checkout. Shipping insurance included.

**Lucine and Co. is not responsible for duties and taxes incurred for US and International shipments. This is the sole responsibility of the customer.

**Shipping times are estimates only, and may take longer due to unforeseen circumstances out of our control.

Will My Package Arrive Safely?

We take care to not only provide insured shipping, but also package your jewelry in a way that minimizes damage during transit. Luckily, if damage or loss were to occur at the hands of postal couriers, shipping insurance would cover the cost of reproducing your order.

How Can I Insure My Jewelry?

If your jewelry is lost due to accident or theft, the impact of the amount of time and money required to replace it out of pocket is something you should definitely consider! We always recommend Jewelers Mutual, since they will help cover costs by helping you work with the original designer versus only 'approved' jewelers, who may not be able to make your ring to the exact specifications.

What Does My Limited Lifetime Warranty Include?

For the lifetime of your jewelry, we will gladly offer a variety of services and repairs. So long as you are the sole wearer and purchaser of the jewelry.

Regular maintenance services are on us, just pay for insured shipping with tracking when mailing your pieces to us. Insurance on your package will help cover costs in the extremely unlikely case your package is lost during transit.


Services covered for life



-Prong tightening (recommended every 3-6 months)


Services available at a fee

-Replacement of lost accent stones

-Damaged prongs from wear and tear or accident


-Focal stone replacement (.50 ct diamond equivalent and larger)

-Damaged stones and setting (unless shown upon arrival)


Special Instructions:

Services from companies outside of Lucine + Co will void warranty. Afterall, we know our stones and settings best, and any tampering by alternative shops can make future servicing of your jewelry impossible to do.

Please note that reason for shipment MUST state as return for repair / warranty and repair. We do not cover import/export costs, or any extra costs incurred due to incorrect labelling. 

Please also secure your jewelry in the included sachet, or secure properly in a small pouch with full padding. Do not ship ring inside any ring box as it will WILL fall out and damage stones during transit.

Lucine + Co is not responsible for cost of shipping for any and all repairs. Warranty is non-transferable and must be requested by original buyer.

What Is Your Return Or Exchange Policy?

We proudly offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for our original designs only. If for any reason you are unhappy with your order, we retain a 15% restock fee and will reimburse the remainder when you return your item within 30 days of delivery. Item must be returned in original packaging, and must not be damaged or show any visible signs of wear and tear. We are also not responsible for return shipping or import/export fees that are incurred in the process.

We refuse the right to refund orders that don't meet our requirements. Of course, your satisfaction is important to us, and we'd gladly make any adjustments within our means, or offer fair quotes for services at your request. 

Customers limited to 1 exchange within 30 days, with full order value credited towards a new purchase.