Step 1: Sharing Your Inspiration

We begin the exciting process of bringing your dream engagement ring to life by collecting any images, sketches, or ideas that inspire you. This could be a design you've seen, a family heirloom you'd like to reimagine, or any other creative vision you have in mind.


 Step 2: Personalize Your Design

We'll then fine-tune every detail of your engagement ring. Choose from a variety of metals, settings, and stone options to create a unique piece that reflects your personal style and preferences. 


 Step 3: 3D Rendering & Virtual Preview

Once you've personalized your design, our team will generate a lifelike 3D rendering of your customized ring. This virtual preview will provide you with a realistic image of how your ring will look, helping you make any necessary adjustments or confirm that it's just as you envisioned.


 Step 4: Quotation & Extended Price Hold

We'll then provide you pricing for your custom design, and make changes according to any new selections and modifications you make along the way. Once finalized, we will hold your personalized pricing for 1 full calendar year to offer you piece of mind, even when cost of materials go up!